A bard in a Gaelic Bardic School lamented as follows in poetic style during the recession that followed the defeat of the Irish at the Battle of Kinsale

My craft is disappearing with the change of the law in Ireland.

O’ grief that I must now take to brewing.

Studying the change of law in Ireland

In the early years of the 1600’s the bard in question changed his occupation with the times and when his school finally closed he reinvented himself and henceforth practised the art of farming. Maybe, with the arrival of the new laws he decided to grow a crop that provided him with the raw material to set up his brewing enterprise!

Heritage-Explorer have likewise responded to a need in the post recession market by reinvented the art of presenting Heritage and History to the ever discerning tourist market customer both individual and corporate. We see this as a Green Business venture that seeks to inform incoming visitors of our heritage and to aid the development of tourism.

Heritage-Explorer believe in ‘Keeping the Home Fires Burning’ for those who have an interest in heritage and history.  In response our packages dovetail perfectly with tourism business models to aid those sector grow their businesses.

Hotel Facilities. Image Courtesy of Failte Ireland Image Library

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