What does Heritage Explorer do?

Heritage Explorer links with an online presentation software package that provides for every part of a Heritage Explorer module lifecycle from assembly to delivery.

How are the Heritage Explorer modules created?

Heritage Explorer modules are created using software which integrates flexible authoring, intelligent asset management, secure delivery and analytics tooling which is incorporated within a single on demand application.

What are the Heritage Explorer capabilities?

Heritage Explorer is facilitated with capabilities that allows for staff to create stunning heritage shows. These facilities enable Heritage Explorer to store, organize, tag and search assets, collaborate with colleagues, securely share show modules online and measure viewing results, in an integrated environment. The Heritage Explorer libraries will be populated with content inclusive of our natural and historical heritage.

When will the 1st Heritage Explorer modules be made available?

Two pilot modules will be launched to co-ordinate with the commencement of business and the tourism season of 2010. Thereafter as the system beds in a new module will be added every 30 working days. The Updater page on the Heritage Explorer site will in due course carry information on these aspects of business development.

How much does Heritage Explorer cost?

Following sign up a customer will be provided with a 30 day free trial. Customers wishing to progress beyond the trial period will be facilitated with their own account. Pricing details available prior to product launch.

Are the Heritage Explorer modules only available online?

Heritage Explorer modules can also be provided with an offline player that facilitates presentation without an Internet connection. We can synchronize location specific online presentations modules to work offline. Play only shows can be provided on CD facilitating a specific number of playbacks to client requirements.

Where are the online Heritage Explorer modules kept?

Heritage Explorer is facilitated in keeping its resources secure and available with the help of Amazon S3 Internet Storage. Amazon S3 provides a web services interface that is used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. The system gives access to the same highly scalable, reliable, fast, data storage infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites. The service has been designed to provide for 99.99% availability.

How will Heritage Explorer modules be made location specific?

The first segments of a Heritage Explorer show will be made available with account details for the inclusion of the facility details for viewing by customers.

Can a show module contain advertisement media?

Advertisements can be installed into segments within the Heritage Explorer show module. These are subject to agreement with Heritage Explorer. Such inclusions can be on a location specific basis or for general distribution across all modules.

How is access provided to Heritage Explorer modules?

Access is enabled with the issue of access rights to signed up account holders. These rights can be in the form of a password and a module address for each facility.

Can our facility have access to more than one show?

Shows can be organized into groups for each facility with show selection being decided by facility management to satisfy customer request or demand.

Can expiry dates be applied to module access?

Yes, expiry dates can be applied to the delivery and storage of Heritage Explorer modules.

Is it possible to control the delivery of the Heritage Explorer module?

Can be delivered to play in automatic mode where a live presenter is not required. Alternatively a module can be controlled by a presenter using the click facility on their computer to advance the show through its various parts. Such enablement is particularly useful in a classroom situation when an educator wishes to encourage interaction and discussion with pupils.

Can Heritage Explorer modules be updated/revised?

As the modules are built in segments updating or changing a segment is relatively easy. If an update or change is made to a segment that is used throughout multiple files and modules the software automatically facilitates the update or change throughout all relevant files and modules.

Do the Heritage Explorer systems perform to requirements?

Having recently uploaded sample assets and produced a test module, this was downloaded independently for review at the national business development agency ‘Enterprise Ireland’. Their review commentary of the download observation has indicated that the selected software performed to requirements. This observation was made in respect of module content which included elements of video, photographic imagery, text, colour, voice narrations, transitions and special effects.

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